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Is it cuz i'm young and i'm black and muh hats real low [02 Mar 2005|01:55pm]
[ mood | curious ]

                                                       New Journal! :)

                               k1ll_me_w3ll Comment and I'll add you :-*





1 It was only a kiss

♥ I know by the time I finish this line I'mma hear this on the radio... [02 Mar 2005|08:42am]
[ mood | cranky ]

    I'm going crazy inside my house, you have no idea. Okay, it's Wednesday and I've done nothing. This vacation blows but anyways... I was [really bored]Collapse )

2 It was only a kiss

[28 Feb 2005|07:14pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

      Ok so I went to work with my mom today and Kristel foiled my hair and it looks good, I think. :) It's like highlights- same look but different procedure- She was laughing at me because I was soo afraid that it was going to turn out blue or something but I calmed down and we talked about cheerleading and stuff :). My mom brought me to Subway (yummm!) for lunch and yeah... my aunt came over tonight and my mom cut her hair so I had my mom cut my hair also. She took like 4-5'' off. I can tell because it's my hair but you probably can't because it was sooooo long. I might get it cut some more tomorrow.. we'll see. Well here are the pictures of my new hair and me just being a total camera whore B)

My favorite :) (Doesn't my hair look more blonde??)

That's what it looks like on the top =P


And this to show you how short it is :) Or shorter than it was.


Let me know what you think!!!

14 It was only a kiss

[28 Feb 2005|09:48am]
[ mood | mellow ]


   I was bored so I updated again.... Fill it out :)


Jill is good at _______.
Jill is bad at   _______.
Jill shouldn't   _______.
..But she should ________.
 All in all, Jill is  _________.


*Stolen from Jess :)

14 It was only a kiss

Oh boy.. lol [27 Feb 2005|03:53pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

These pictures were taken during/after competition yesterday. :)

Winter Carnival Pictures: http://www.picturetrail.com/hottshotx25


Pictures :)Collapse )

10 It was only a kiss

All the riches baby, won't mean anything... [27 Feb 2005|01:05pm]
[ mood | drained ]

      Just got home. Yesterday we placed 4th out of 5... We did good though and we didn't drop any stunts- It's just that other teams are crazy good. I didn't really have any time to take any pictures and I'm kicking myself for it now but my mom took some so I will post those. If anybody took some pictures let me knowww!!! Thanks. After the comp. we took Bash with us B) Then I went ot my sister's house and we rented the Grudge. I've seen it before and it scared the shit out of me- I know, I'm a baby. Then we watched Shall We Dance and I feel asleep (like always). Then I woke up there this morning and my mom came home from Boston and picked me up and now I'm here. Not too exciting, eh? My vacation is going to suck. There's nothing to do- I don't have practice or dance this week. I'm free for the whole week, the only week that everyone is gone. HOW NICE >:O Well I'm gonna go... I'll post the pictures in my next entry or something. <3








3 It was only a kiss

[23 Feb 2005|09:41pm]
[ mood | geeky ]


          Practice tonight went pretty good. I was talking to Chelsea online and she told me that we didn't have practice and we weren't going to competition on Saturday because "Sants broke her arm" and I believed her. I know- I'm retarded. So I got to practice and Chelsea laughed at me :( It was wicked funny but then Tiffany was like "WE CAN'T GO ON SATURDAY ANYWAYS" To Audrey and we started laughing sooo hard and we told her and she's like- I knew that... I just thougth Audrey didn't. Psh haha we were all like yeah whatever you say. I'm so stoaked for Saturday it's gonna be awesome. It's even better that we dont have to be there until 11 now instead of  9 because it's in Fitchburg Mass or something. I'm off to bed. Some pics..

Pictures so far this week...





14 It was only a kiss

We can go do what yea wanna do- I know you like that. [22 Feb 2005|03:35pm]
[ mood | calm ]

        Today was Tropical day and it was pretty fun. Ahhh my feet are killing my beacuse I wore heels and I haven't worn shoes besides sneakers and flip flips in like 2 years... Yeah.. I took a couple of pictures from today So I'll post those at the end of the week [and some random pics]but I'm gonna fill this out:) ((Stolen from Kaitlin ♥)



[x] The shoes you wore today: White Heals (sp?)
-----------------WHAT IS------------------
[x] Your most overused phrase on aim: "haha"
[x] Your thoughts first waking up: Get in the shower
[x] The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: um.. Their clothes, presonality, and eyes
[x] Your best physical feature: my.. hair? ahha I dunno
[x] Your most missed memory: The end of last year
-----------------YOU PREFER------------------
[x] Pepsi or coke: Coke
[x] McDonald's or Burger King: BK
[x] Single or group dates: either
[x] Adidas or Nike: Adidas
[x] Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate (if it's ice cream :])
[x] Cappuccino or coffee: Ice Coffee
-----------DO YOU------------------
[x] Smoke: nope
[x] Curse: sometimes
[x] Take a shower everyday: yup
[x] Have a crush(es): Yeah~ But only one right noww
[x] who are they: um, Andrew? haha but we're going out so it's cool
[x] Do you think you've been in love?: um, maybe twice
[x] Want to go to college: Chya
[x] Like high school: Dunno

[x] Want to get married: HOPEFULLY
[x] Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: nah

[x] Believe in yourself: Sometimes
[x] Get motion sickness: nope
[x] Think you're attractive: I dunno.. not really
[x] Think you're a health freak: I can be- Calories baby
[x] Get along with your parents: my dad.
[x] Play an instrument: Nope
------------IN THE PAST MONTH DID:/:HAVE YOU--------------
[x] Go to the mall: ALWAYS
[x] Eaten sushi: Nasty
[x] Been on stage: tons of times
[x] Been dumped: chya

[x] Gone skating: Yup
[x] Made homemade cookies: Of course
[x] Dyed your hair: never
[x] Stolen anything: 0:) maybe
-------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
[x] Flown on a plane: Yep

[x] Missed school because it was raining?: um no?
[x] Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: obviously

[x] Cried during a Movie?: uh huh
[x] Ever thought an animated character was hot?: um, no?

[x] Had an imaginary friend: Kinda
[x] Cut your hair: Yeah
[x] Had crush on a teacher?: no thanks
[x] Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: um.. not trashed.
[x] Been caught "doing something": no

[x] Gotten beaten up?: Nope
[x] Been in a fight: Yeah
----------------THE FUTURE------------------
[x] Age you hope to be married: 24
[x] Numbers and Names of Children: Madaline and Jacob

[x] Descibe your Dream Wedding: Simple white dress (summery) flip flops and in a warm place
[x] How do you want to die: Knowing I love somebody that loves me too
[x] What do you want to be when you grow up?: Um... I dunno yet
[x] What country would you most like to visit? South America?
-----------------NUMBER OF-----------------
[x] Number of people I could trust with my life: 4 or 5
[x] Number of CDs that I own: over 30
[x] Number of piercings: 3
[x] Number of tattoos: None
[x] Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: like 5?
[x] Number of scars on my body: um a lot
[x] Number of things in my past that I regret: .....
----------------RIGHT NOW------------------
[x] Wearing: skirt- sweatshirt
[x] Drinking: nothing
[x] Thinking about: :) :*
[x] Listening to: All My Life| Kc and Jo Jo
---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
[x] Cried: Um.. Don't think so
[x] Worn jeans: yeah
[x] Met someone new online: Nope
[x] Done laundry: Nope
[x] Drove a car: Nope
[x] Talked on the phone: Yup
---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------
[x] Yourself: Sometimes
[x] Your friends: Yeah
[x] Santa Claus: ahaha.. negative
[x] Tooth Fairy: Nope
[x] Destiny/Fate: Sometimes...

[x] Angels: It would be a cool thing

[x] Ghosts: Yeah
[x] UFO's: nope
[x] God: ...
--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
[x] Do you ever wish you had another name? Yes
[x] Who have you known the longest of your friends? Aimee and Breana
[x] Are you close to any family member? My sister Heather and my sister Misty
[x] When have you cried the most? Umm.. I'm not sure
[x] What's the best feeling in the world? loving someone that "loves" me back.<3

[x] Worst Feeling? a broken heart ='( sad sad.
[x] What time is it now? 4:24

Edit: Tell me your favorite memory you have of you and I.:)

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19 It was only a kiss

So you can tell your man get to the right... [21 Feb 2005|11:52am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

      Yay for snowdays =| I went to the mall yesterday and bought a dress at American Eagle and some new shoes and a new shirt to wear ovewr my dress ALL FOR NOTHING >:O Pam slept over last night so she could curl my hair for today.... BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER NOW ggrrrr.... Here's my dress and my picture of what I might wear on Wednesday for crazy day... hahahahha....



Your gonna have to c/p the link because it's being gay... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v99/Sointo_you/ummmm028.jpg

Comment or something... hahaha...

13 It was only a kiss

If there were no tears... no way to feel inside- I would still feel for ya babe. [19 Feb 2005|12:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]

           Hey- I was reading my journal and was like God I haven't updated in forever. Sooo I am. This week was kinda alright. Tiffany slept over for a week and left on Wednesday after practice. Practice is going well... but thing's keep getting moved around in our routine and it's ultra confusing but whatever we pull it off. I think it's looking pretty good considering our competition is Next Saturday in Fittsberg(?), Mass. It'll be tons of fun and I'm hoping I'll remember to bring my camera this time. This week is Winter Carnival for us and I'm so stoaked because it's always a lot of fun... My mom is taking me shopping for it either today or tomorrow... Sam and I have some good plans for some days B) I'll take lots of pictures and post themmm. :) hahaha...Anyways,  I need like, $60 more until I can get my cell phone back- That's not that bad considering the bill is $170. I almost died. Last night Sam and I slept over my sister's house and babysat Jaelyn for her. We just hung out and watched TV... Then I had to babysit again @ 10 this morning like every Saturday... Well this was almost kinda pointless so comment if you want...




13 It was only a kiss

[12 Feb 2005|10:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]

          Today was alright- Woke up at my sister's... She brought me to Janelle's w/ Tiffany to babysit till 12:30 and that was dreadful. We came home and just hung out- We got ready and went to gay funspot until like 5 and then came home. Heather came over @ like 5:30 and I missed her a lot a lot a lot. She grabbed some of her shit that she left and gave me my Valentine's Day gift :). She left and Tiff and I decided to get some ice cream and watch pop-wanrer videos :| ahahahaha... funny. Well I'm not tired and Tiffany is passed out on my bed =P I'm gonna fill this out and then kick her out :) Later ♥


I Love You♥



(Kristina had her baby!!! :))


Welcome to the LCAS family Ryan Jacob :)Collapse )

15 It was only a kiss

Snow Day... Again♥ [11 Feb 2005|12:36pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

          Today is the second snow day in a row, which isn't a bad thing but I'm getting sick of  the whole do tons and tons of homework all for nothing thing... Today wasn't really a R&R day like I wanted it to be but whatever- I'll live. My sister is picking up Tiffany and I at 1:00 to babysit for the night and then I have to babysit tomorrow too. :( I need the money really bad though because I kinda raked up a $170 cell phone bill and my mom took my phone. She won't give it back until I pay for the bill..... She pisses me off but atleast she is willing to give it back. I don't even see hwy she took it in the first place considering I pay for the bill anyways. I don't know if I'm leaving for FL on the 27th or even not going at all because my dad and mom are being retards about it.  I would rather leave the 22nd but I have Competition in Boston on the 26th that I can't miss- but it's deff. worth going to. My turn to shower- Later.<3



Comment or something.






*I Love You*

10 It was only a kiss

[07 Feb 2005|09:32pm]
[ mood | calm ]

        Hey~ Today was (obivously) a half day... After school I went to Tiffany's house and we went to Greg's and hung out and had a snowball fight. It was fun because I wouldn't be able to hit a friggen building if it was right in front of me... I have bad aim :). hahaa then we hung out and got ready then went to practice which was... alright. Kaitlin ((our flyer who's 6)) went to twist cradle out of a scorpian and whipped Tiff in the face with her hand and I dove backwards so she didn't go over my head and we hit heads really hard- it was pretty painful and pretty funny. Poor Tiffany had a red mark across her face :). Well I took some pictures of Devyn (who I babysit) and I and she's sooo cute. You might find some really weird, but random, pictures of Aimee and I from this weekend in there too! =P<3 And maybe some other really random pictures but hey- whatever.





Comment or something <3

PikchasssCollapse )

18 It was only a kiss

Another sunny day in Cali-for-ni-a [06 Feb 2005|04:57pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey :) Last night I slept over Aimee's house (like always) and that was fun. We walked to Shang Hai and got some Chinese Food- we had $19 and we got two things of chicken and we were up to $18.90. It was so retarded. Then we walked back here and watched the ending of Urban Legend because it was on TV- that was kinda scarey because we're big babies =P We took some wicked funny pictures (again, like always)I will pose them when I get home. I fell asleep in the chair @ like 11- haha I am such a loser. Then I woke up @ 10 this morning and Aimee and I got ready and her mom Paula took us to SUBWAY! I love subway soooo much, it's crazy, ahaha.. Then we went to look for stuff for Aimee's room some place in town. It was wicked funny because it was this like- really old and useless store that had used stuff in it- we didn't know that it was until we went inside =P We were playing with all of the bridal clothes and everything, it was pretty funny. After that we came home and watched the beginning of Shrek 2 and decided it was only funny the first 654 times so we turned it off... Now I'm just sitting here on the computer while Aimee straighten's her hair which is impossible but I guess she is oblivious to the fact that her hair is CURLY. :) Yeah... I'm not sure if I'm staying here for the game but I'm gonna try =P I guess you can comment if you think this was really that interesting to read ;). I Hate Valentine's Day. I think it's the most stupid thing to ever be a holiday- Whatta you thinkkk? <3

5 It was only a kiss

Hush baby hush- don't talk so much- wanna feel ya touch... [05 Feb 2005|10:30am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

                        I changed my user pic again... I think I like this one better- what do you think? :)



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26 It was only a kiss

Don't stop till ya hit the spot-WOAH [02 Feb 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | sore ]

      Hey i just thought I'd update because I'm a loser like that. Today went by wicked fast. School was alright I guess, quiz in math (that i failed- to say the least) and everything else was fine. After school Tiffany and I went to the boys B game. It was pretty good and they lost by like 4 or 6 baskets- not a big deal. After that Kevin picked us up and brought us to practice. Practice was pure HELL. We had to do our routine over and over and over again. Like 5 times in a row and my arms hurt so bad right now but it's cool I'll get over it :). Me and Tiffany's shoes and bag's finally came in!! yayy!! ahhaaa we have been waiting for our shoes for like a good month in a half, 2 months. Our bags say our names on them and they are pretty cool. I got my jacket today which is awesome and I loooveeee it to death- Tiffany's isn't in yet for some reason :\ We dunno why. Well I gotta run cause it's getting late and I'm soooo tired. <3












I Love You♥

13 It was only a kiss

I don't dance I just do tha same 2 step wit a lil twist~ [01 Feb 2005|04:12pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

           I'm getting really sick of stupid ass people commenting in my journal that don't leave their names and don't have lives so they talk about other peoples.

    Today was alright... school was less boring than usual but whatever.. I guess I'm not going to Florida until like, February 27th. Aimee is leaving the 22nd I think, but there's our competition on the 26th... Last night practice was let out @ 7 instead of 8 because Kristina didn't feel good- ((she better have her baby soon-)) So we just tumbled the whole time and it was pretty fun. Bash wants me to start doing my back-handspring by myself after a couple of more practices. I'm wicked scared that I'm going to brake my neck or something- I dunno don't ask. I'm pissed off right now so I'll stop writing and go watch some TV ;)


Si usted me ama déjeme saber si usted no lo hace entonces me deja ir

I'm getting sick of this shit too.





15 It was only a kiss

I asked your name, you asked the time- [30 Jan 2005|07:57am]
[ mood | sleepy ]


       On Friday I went into town w/ Kim and Pam and walked around. We went into Innis or whatever it is and looked at shit becuase we were cold from walking. Then we went to Taylors and got subs then went to Dunkie's. Then my dad pciked us up from there and dropped Kim off and brought me to pamela's house. We just hung out and watched Napolean Dynamite. That movie was GAY. I laughed at like, 2 parts maybe? I dunno. Then we watched Enough w/ JLo in it and it was so good- Then we watched CSI for a while and then went to bed. We woke up on Saturday and I left @ 12 ish. Mist picked me up and then brought me backt oh er house to babysit while she got her hair done at my mom's shop. Then she told me  was sleeping over to babysit more whil she went out. So I called Aimee and she came over :) We hung out and listend to music ((haha, Ame ;])) And orderd Domino's. We just hung out after that and talked on the phone from like 11-12 and then my phone died =P. We decided to go to bed... I woke up a little while ago and my sister brought me home. I'm procrastinating getting ready for practice @ 12. Shit- it's 11:05- I really gotta get my ass ready. Later



A feel good quiz by cerulean_dreams
your name is...
your eyesare gorgeous
your hairis envied by many
your smiledraws others towards you
your bodyis envied by many
your hugsare loved by all who get them
your kissis mysterious
your loveis forever
Quiz created with MemeGen!
cute cute...




I Looooveeee Yooouuuuu :)



24 It was only a kiss

[27 Jan 2005|10:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

   Hey... I guess I'm really just updating to tell how mega-boring my day was. We had 1 class and then stupid Tuck Everlasting I'd never thought I would say this but the book was way better. After school I just went home and got ready and then left for dance :) It's always fun in my class... We're a bunch of dorks I guess =P. We added on to our recital dance (yay!) that i'm "soked" for b/c it's awesome. After that I went with my dad to grab something to eat and came home. That was about it... Last night practice was cancelled :( which sucked because I really wanted to go, like always. So me and Tiff sat here until 9 and my dad brought me and her backt oher house and I slept over. It was fun and I couldn't get to sleep for some reason so I layed there and listend to music :). I woke up @ like 6 and layed there until 7 when we got up and I hopped in the shower and took forever and so I made Tiff late but somehow even though I showerd first- she was ready before me? Yeah, so I almost made her and her little sister miss the bus b/c I take a million years to get ready in the morning! Walking down to the bus was just a little cold but the bus came soon after that so it was cool. I guess that's it. No school tomorrow! :) I get to sleep late(r) than normal but I still want to go because I have a felling it's going to be ultra-boring tomorrow. Well that's it for now. Oh yeah, and this thing too.....



(But tonight I see somethin in ya, that makes me wanna get witchya)Collapse )

4 It was only a kiss

Woot Woot [26 Jan 2005|04:40pm]
[ mood | busy ]

    Yay for finally getting PicturesCollapse )

21 It was only a kiss

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